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Altitude Data Web offers web hosting for your website. Basic corporate web hosting starts at $14.95/mth. We have 2Gb+ fast and reliable Linux servers running Fedora Core and Apache 2.0.5, dedicated T-3's running on an OC-3 backbone, your choice of PostgreSQL or MySQL databases, PHP, Perl and CGI. We also offer ASP and Frontpage support and Zope hosting if needed. Zope is an open source rapid application web development platform and content management system. Email accounts are also provided and Spam Assassin is used to control unwanted Spam. Let us show you what dedicated hosting is all about.

Telephone support, as well as email support is included at no additional charge and we don't farm out our support services to some third world country, or put you on hold for half an hour between endless transfers. Altitude Data Web is committed to providing you with the best service possible and can generally fix the issue while on the call. Give us a try.